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Save time with a lighting design, documentation and visualization software that is both easy to learn and rewarding to use! Capture 2018™ is a native Windows and Mac OS X application that lets you work with lighting, video, moving scenery, lasers and water jets.

To learn more about Capture 2018, visit the Capture 2018 at a glance page which highlights the most interesting new concepts, enhancements and features of Capture Nexum, including:
• Native Feel
• New Rendering Engine
• New Design Tab
• New Design Tools
• New Universe and Library Tab
• Empowered Reports
• More Plot Options
• File Format and Protocol Updates
• Superb DWG Export
Capture 2018™ supports a wide range of ethernet DMX protocols like Art-Net and sACN but also connects directly to High End and MA Lighting consoles as well as consoles that support CITP from brands such as ADB, Avolites, ChamSys and Strand Lighting.
Capture 2018™ also plays back local video files, streams video directly from CITP/MSEX compatible and Green Hippo media servers, receives laser projector content from LaserAnimation Sollinger and Pangolin systems and live positioning information directly from Kinesys K2 systems.
Capture 2018™ is a 64-bit application for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. This allows Capture to use more RAM to accommodate the ever-growing production sizes, as well as the use of the latest computer technologies out there, such as SketchUp 2016 support on Mac OS X and moving to video playback and compression based on AVFoundation on Mac OS X and Windows Media Foundation on Windows.
Capture 2018™ is available in 4 versions:
Solo, Duet, Quartet, & Symphony
• Number of DMX Universes - 1
• Record, Playback and Render Still Snapshots in High Resolution 
• Import Models via SKP, 3DS & OBJ Files with Layers, Groups and Materials 
• Full AtlaBase Library with On-Demand Addition of Missing Items 
• Laser feeds from LaserAnimation and Pangolin - 1
• Video Playbacks from Local File - 1
• Paperwork - Create Plots, Reports & Print 
• Video Streams from CITP/MSEX or Green Hippo Media Servers - 1
• Import Models via DXF & DWG Files with Layers and Groups 
• Record, play back and render movie snapshots to video files 
• Create Stand-Alone Presentation Executables with Snapshots 
• Motion Controlled Cameras & Scenery using DMX and Kinesys K2 
• DMX Controlled Water Jet Effects - 1
Mac OS X Users: Mac OS X 10.9 or later will be required.
Windows Users: 64-bit Windows 7 or later will be required.
(If you are running a Windows 32-bit installation your Windows license covers you for 64 bits as well, but a full reinstallation of Windows is required.)
Software cannot be returned.